19. juli 2015

Summertime: A small chat


I know it has been quiet in here for a while, but I have been terribly busy with the final exams of my BA studies, which I have now passed - yay! 

Immediately after my last exam in Musical Production, I went home packing and a few hours later entered the bus towards the que for Roskilde Festival! The festival was amazing. I was there with loads of great people, met and made new awesome friends and generally had a great time. I had some amazing musical experiences, where, for example, I saw my all time favourite band Florence + The Machine which was just so beautiful and evoked a lot of emotions. Florence is fantastic on stage, both in terms of her singing, her performance and her intensity. She is so connected to her audience and has an amazing energy. I was completely blown away.
Besides Florence, I saw Muse, Mew (which was sooo good!), Disclosure, Kendrick Lamar, Tallest Man on Earth and several others. Generally, it was a pretty good year, music-wise.
Sadly, I missed Paul McCartney (and all of saturdays performers) as I got sick on the festival and had to go home. I heard the concert was one of the best ever, and I'm truly sad that I missed it. But oh well, I guess that's how it goes.

After the festival I went home for a few days only then to go on another trip with some of my best friends. Firstly, we went to the border to bring back loads of beer, wine, and other goods for 6 days in our friend's parents' house, where we stayed 14 people. We made a lot of great food, had arranged some beer-games (a small "Øl-ympiade" with games as beerbowling, beerpong, "sko", and flipcup - which my team all won, yay!) and generally just relaxed, played some boardgames and just enjoyed being away from Aarhus for a bit. Best of all, this was a really cheap get-away which is just perfect as almost all of us are students. This trip has now been a tradition for two years, and hopefully it will continue many years ahead.

The following week I worked quite a lot and spended time with some great people, having some wine and playing more boardgames. Pretty chill and really good after a few "busy" weeks.

Now I am in a "summerhouse" with my family in Blåvand, where we are to stay until next saturday. I hope to get a lot of readings done here as my bookish enjoyments have been limited the last few weeks, and I really miss reading. I have brought with me three books for the week: "Cloud Atlas" by David Mitchell, "Amulet Vol. 2: The Stonekeeper's Curse" by Kazu Kibuishi and the short story collection "M is for Magic" by Neil Gaiman. 

The plans for the rest of my summer vacay is pretty limited. When I get back from the summerhouse I am to work a bit more, then I have my birthday the 6th of August which I will celebrate with a few friends gathered to do some activities, have a few beers and just hang out. Afterwards, my good friend Anne has her Goodbye-party as she is going away on Erasmus in Amsterdam for the next semester. I will hopefully get to visit her in Copenhagen before she leaves, and when I'm over there I might make a small detour and go visit my other good friend who moved to Malmø last year and spend a few days there with her.

I hope you are all enjoying summer, even though the weather isn't really that great. Please tell me what your plans are for the rest of the vacation as well as your reading plans.

Cheers, Amanda.

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