18. maj 2015

Nye bøger #1: London-haul

So. I have now been quite silent on here for a few weeks. There's a good reason; so here goes. As my last post told you guys, I was going to London for 6 days with my mom and while we where there, my grandma sadly got into the hospital. She is out now and okay for the time being, but there's been a lot of stress and things to figure out. And on top of that, I have now started my study break, so from next week it's on to the exams!

But I promised you a haul from my London trip, so here goes!

I spend way to much money while being in England, but I got some amazing stuff with me back to Denmark. I bought two pairs of shoes; one pair of Puma Suede sneakers in black, and some sandals from Clarks (also black), which are just the most comfy shoes I have owned in a very long time!

Apart from that, I of course did some book shopping.
Firstly, I found the Little Black Classics that everyone is talking about at this time, and I treated myself to three of these small beauties:
- "The Robber Bridegroom" by Brothers Grimm (Nr. 68)
- "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe (Nr. 31)
- and "A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Trees" by Yoshida Kenko (Nr. 11)
As they were only 80p per book, I am now quite sad that I did not buy a few more. They are great for a quick afternoon read and to explore new authors. I read the one by Yoshida Kenko and I really liked the format and his writing style. I will definitely look for some of his other work.

Also, I bought some regular sized novels:
- "A Tale For The Time Being" by Ruth Ozeki
- "Steelheart" by Brandon Sanderson
- "Penguin's Poems for Life" Selected Poems by Laura Barber
- "Throne of Glass" by Sarah J. Maas.
Out of these four books, I have at this point read "Throne of Glass" which I actually really liked. Sometimes I felt the main character, Celaena, was almost a bit too perfect, good at everything that she does, but at the same time I connected with her and I wasn't able to get the story out of my head; always wanting to know more. So all in all a pretty good read. I am definitely going to buy the two remaining books of the trilogy before too long.
I'm really looking forward to delving into "Steelheart" by Brandon Sanderson. I absolutely loved his Mistborn Trilogy, and if this series is just a bit as good as that one, I know I'm in for a treat and that I will love it immensely.
The other two books, I stumbled upon quite randomly, the Poetry Collection at a vintage book market underneath Waterloo Bridge for just £5 and it is in a really good condition. So all in all I am really happy with my bookhaul!

Of course I could not help myself when I found a Hogwarts t-shirt in Primark for just £6, and also I went into the Disney store and bought Pascal, the chameleon from Tangled, whom I absolutely adore! He is now placed on my nightstand :-)

If you read any of the books that I purchased, please let me know what you think!

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  1. Åh, jeg elsker de fine små 'Black Classics'. Jeg drømmer også om en ordentligt stak. Suk. Og åh – den søde lille Pascal! Hvor er den dog fin.

  2. ÅH, hvor er jeg dog misundelig på din sødeste Pascal! :D